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Who are we?

  Founded towards the end of 2017, we are a small family-owned business with fitness based roots. It currently consists of myself (Blaze) and my brother (Brandon). I developed a strong passion for Cannabis over a decade ago when I found it worked great for my anxiety. Ever since then I've been researching and learning everything I can. I started reading about the endocannabinoid system (ECS), the various phytocannabinoids found within the cannabis plant and how they can interact and benefit the ECS.  This told me we could improve our overall health by supplementation with these various compounds. I even told myself at the time that this means certain people's ECS could be deficient and that we could supplement with various cannabinoids such as CBD to help bring one's self back into balance. There has been more research coming out that suggests that this could be factual.

As a former competitive bodybuilder, I became obsessed with optimizing my diet and supplementation in order to maximize my potential. Cannabis has been a long-time staple in my regime due to its stress reduction and recovery benefits. I became more interested in CBD after my diagnosis with hypercalcemia disease. Due to my disease pre-disposing me to osteoporosis, I started utilizing CBD to help maintain my bone health. I knew other current or former athletes alike battle their unique ailments and could benefit from CBD. In 2017, I brought my passion for fitness and cannabis into one,  thus the creation of CannaDriven.  



Our Values

Both my brother and I are very health conscious individuals, so we are always heavily researching various health supplements that we consume. Thus we understand that our customers will be looking an effective and safe product themselves. We ensure these standards are met by being directly involved in growing of the hemp which is then formulated into our products. We aren't the typical supplement company that simply has someone formulate their products with the raw ingredients coming from who knows where. Our hands touch the dirt, seeds and facilitate the growth of our plants throughout every stage of their life cycle. By doing so we are able to bring a higher quality product to our end consumers that we personally stand behind.



Being a small family owned business, we are dedicated to bringing the best customer service possible. We are always here to answer any questions that one may have.

While we aren't legally allowed to make health claims, we encourage everyone to research the Endocannabinoid system and how various Phytocannabinoids can work within and benefit our bodies.

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