Four Health Supplements Everyone Should Use

   I got heavy into fitness (weight-lifting) in my early 20's. It was partly driven by it being good for my health, but I mainly wanted to build a lot of muscle. Gaining muscle continued to be my main goal for many years, while my health was a close second. Fast forward to the last few years and my mindset has shifted to be more health oriented with building muscle coming later. Now having around ten years of experience and doing lot's of reading and research, I feel I have a pretty good list of supplements that not only benefit myself, but will help you as well.

These are not listed in any particular order

 Citrus Bergamot -

So what is Citrus Bergamot?

It's a citrus fruit that's primarily grown in Italy. It's full of heart healthy polyphenols and other molecules. 

The benefits include lowering our LDL cholesterol while raising our HDL cholesterol, the latter being what helps move cholesterol out of arteries. It also does this without lowering our CoQ10 levels which can't be said about prescribed statin drugs. Statin drugs also do nothing to improve one's HDL levels.  Personally, having those benefits alone should be enough for anyone to at least look into citrus bergamot if not start taking it. 

But wait there's more...

It can also lower our blood sugar. In clinical studies using 500-1000mg of Citrus Bergamot daily lowered blood sugar levels by over 20%. Not only is this a great supplement to help prevent diabetes but it may just help you lose some weight as well!


CoQ10 -

   I just mentioned this above and you may be wondering what CoQ10 is. Well it's an antioxidant that our body's produce naturally and is found in almost every living cell in our body. It aids to protect us against free radicals and also helps convert the food we eat into energy.  

You may be asking, why do I need to supplement this if my body already produces it? Good question, if you're relatively young you can probably skip this one, but as we age our bodies tend to produce less. Also, if you take any statin drugs, then you should most definitely be taking this since it can help replenish depleted CoQ10 and offset some of the other side effects of taking statin drugs. 

As already mentioned, CoQ10 is a antioxidant which helps boost our overall energy. It can also help lower blood pressure and balance blood sugar levels as well. 

Personally, I'm always trying to stay on top of heart health, so this supplement is staple for me. You can buy CoQ10 or Ubiquinol which is the active form so that you're body doesn't have to do the work of converting it. I prefer Ubiquinol myself.



   Come on you knew it was coming! Or maybe you didn't, but there's too many positive benefits for it not to be included. Some of these benefits include helping with pain while cutting down on inflammation, lowering anxiety and stress, boosting your immune system and it can even help you get better sleep. If you play sports, run, bike, or lift weights, then I think this is a must have supplement to help support recovery. Even if you aren't overly active, you can still reap all of these health benefits. Plus, this is just a short list of all the possible benefits, I'll save some for another blog post. Taking CBD should be a priority for everyone.


Vitamin K2 and Vitamin D3

   Yes, this makes five total supplements, but I can't list one of these without including the other. 

We'll start with vitamin K2 first. Once again this is another supplement which can help reduce inflammation. As most know, chronic inflammation is the source of many diseases. What I really like about vitamin K2 is that it helps move calcium out of arteries and back into our bones where it belongs! 

Vitamin D3 is not actually a vitamin, but a pro-hormone since our bodies can actually make it when sunlight hits our skin. A lot of Americans have D3 deficiency. This is especially true during winter time and those who see less sun. Vitamin D3 works to maintain our bone health by absorbing calcium in our intestines so that's not lost or excreted by our kidney's.  

Now you should see why I listed these two together, because of the synergy they share. Two supplements that help maintain our bone health and keep our arteries clean, seem like a no brainer to me. 


Where can you find these supplements?

   Most of these can be found on Amazon, besides the CBD. If you prefer to buy in person, most vitamin shops should carry these. Below I'll list the brands that I use.

Citrus Bergamot - I use Jarrow Formulas. 

CoQ-10 or Ubiquinol - I use MPA Supps HeartSolve and CardioSolve. These two products have Ubiquinol and Citrus Bergamot in them, plus some other heart healthy supplements. I use my other citrus bergamot in conjunction with this to get 1000mg total per day. You may prefer just buying Ubiqinol and the citrus bergamot I listed first as stand alone, since the MPA supps products will run you $100 per month. However, if you have the money you can't go wrong with the quality you'll receive.

CBD - I've got to recommend my own brand - CannaDriven.  We're family owned and all of our products are made from locally grown organic Hemp. You can purchase at or reach out to us on Facebook @cannadriven

Vitamin K2 and D3 - You can buy these as stand alone or get them as a 2 in 1. I recommend NOW Brand.

I hope that you found the following information useful and that it'll help guide you to better health and well-being. Many of these supplements have more benefits than I listed, so I'd suggest researching more if you are interested.


You should discuss with your Doctor before beginning any of these supplements.


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