The Walk

  Lately, I've started implementing walks into my non training days.  The reason being is that I need more cardiovascular exercise in my life. I highly dislike running of any sort, unless it's for an actual sport. I've come to enjoy a simple walk and the many benefits it can offer, which I'll lay out below

              Clear Your Mind               

   Being someone who over thinks a lot, tends to lead me to where I literally spend hours and even days focusing on a task, idea, or whatever may interest me. I try to come up with the best solution, which entails me to going over every little detail again and again. I'll do this to the point that I can't even think straight and become mentally worn out. I've found that going on a walk can aid in helping me sort through things a bit better and come up with different ideas. This is a good way to do a reset on all of my jumbled thoughts and come up a new approach or solution.

Aid Digestion

  Another great benefit of going on walks is that it helps with digestion. I utilize a walk after a meal sometimes to help the digestion process. On the flip side I can use a walk before a meal to help stimulate my appetite. You get the benefit of burning calories while increasing your metabolic rate for the day. It's a win-win situation.


The Jolt

   I have many days where I feel sluggish mentally and have found that going on a walk really helps to bring me out of that. You can take of advantage of the benefits a walk provides at anytime of the day. They can really help to bring you out of a slump and have a positive effect on your mood. I prefer to have a meal in me (or a few) first. However, if you'd rather walk fasted then you'll get a nice little jolt to kick-start your day and still receive the metabolic benefits. Who doesn't want to improve their mood and feel more energized?


                            Tying It All Together

  By walking just several times a week you'll receive all the benefits I just listed above. Combined these will have an overall positive effect on your health. Everyone should be looking out for their well-being and this is a simple way that takes very little time. Some of you may say that you simply don't have said time but give it a try, it only takes ten minutes and you can even bring your dog so they receive the same benefits!! Just do it. you may find that you actually enjoy it and find yourself walking more often.


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