Fitness Resolutions - Keeping It Real

   Let me start by saying that if you're reading this blog and expecting it to be purely motivational and supportive towards your goals well you should look elsewhere. However, If your looking to be realistic and make lasting lifestyle changes then it might just be worth your while. Below I'll lay out ways to ensure your New Year goals have the best chances of success.


Most Will Fail

  Like I said this blog is going to speak the facts with one of those being that the majority of people who set out to hit the gym to improve their health, mind, and body simply fail. The fact of the matter is that nothing changes between 2019 to 2020 it's merely the way we as humans track time. Nothing was stopping you from starting last year besides you simply choosing not to. What you need to be asking yourself is what is driving you?  Are you ready to make real changes or are you simply feeling a little motivated because everyone around you is talking about all this change that very few will make.



Consistency over Motivation 

  Ahh yes, the very thing everyone is always looking for motivation.  It's awesome when you feel motivated, you have drive, energy and feel like nothing can stop you until... well it goes away. What you've got to realize is that motivation never lasts it's always fleeting. Instead what you need to focus on is consistency. You've got to make going to the gym, eating correctly and everything that goes with it into a habit. Every single successful bodybuilder, cross fitter or just athlete, in general, have their bad days. What separates them from others is that they still do what it takes on those days even if they don't feel like it. And even if they do fall off their diet or if they take off from the gym it's not going to affect them greatly because they've been so consistent over time. What you've got to realize is that once you become consistent for a considerable amount of time you've already laid the groundwork for habitual behavior.  


Tips for Success

 Setting up the Goal -  My advice is to start small. Instead of saying you want to lose 50 pounds let's shoot for 10 first. Then once you drop that first 10 you can work on the next and so forth. I'm all for setting big goals but for many aiming high from the start and not achieving it is enough for them to give up. You may find it more beneficial to chip away at a bigger goal in steps. That way each time you hit a goal you'll know what it took to get there and can apply it to the next one. The same applies if you're looking to pack on some muscle.


 Timeline -  Setting a timeline is important however for many if they don't achieve their goals in the allotted time they'll simply give up. This is where you need to be realistic about your goals. My advice is to set a goal and if you reach it then great and if you don't then simply reaccess and perhaps give yourself a little more time. Remember failure can either be learned from and applied for future success or one can simply give up. 


 The Right People - Surround yourself with people who have similar goals. When I got into working out I was lucky enough that some of my closest friends were also getting into it. This created an environment where everyone was held accountable. We trained together and would push one another to be the best we could be.  Also, don't be afraid to talk to other gym-goers and ask for advice. Most are more then willing to help and if you come across an asshole just find someone else. Just make sure you're talking to someone who has some experience. 



Reflection - The reason so many people set goals at the end of the year is that everyone tends to do a lot more reflecting on their life during this time. However, to be successful, you should be spending time on reflection throughout the year and self-adjusting as you go. You need to learn to be honest with yourself. You should never wait for a new year to start achieving your goals. All you've got to do is push yourself and stay consistent to succeed.


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