How To Win Daily To Achieve Long Term Goals



  Winning is a rarity when it comes to sports or any sort of competition since there can only be one. Everyone should strive to win because it gives you a sense of accomplishment and pride. Getting to that point requires a lot of hard work along the way and many give up before even getting close. If you want to win you've got to achieve a bunch of smaller wins along the way.  You can win multiple times a day every day. 

            Micro Wins              

  You see a winning doesn't just manifest out of thin air. The majority of wins are achieved through a bunch of micro wins along the way. You may be asking what is a micro win? It's a term that I use for myself but a simple google search quickly revealed it'd already been thought of by others.  For me, a micro win can be anything from waking up early, eating all my meals, going to the gym, etc. In fact, after waking up just an hour ago I've already got two wins which include going for a walk, eating my first healthy meal and I'll be adding a third when I finish this blog. By the end of the day, I'll have 7 wins for certain but I'll be looking to add more throughout the day.  The great thing about micro wins is that you get to set what they are and you can win five, ten, twenty or more times a day! As long as it's something productive and positive it can be counted as one.  


Execute and Acknowledge

  Now that you know what a micro win is it's time to lay out all of your own and execute them. As you knock out each of your micro wins throughout the day be sure and acknowledge it to yourself. Even if it's just making your bed be sure to mark it as a win in your head. Knocking out all these micro wins and acknowledging them along the way is going to pave the way to success.  It's all these small goals that you reach day in and day out that makes a winner. 

Building A Winning Mindset

  If you haven't figured it out already the whole premise behind all these micro wins is to build a winning mindset.  You see when you win every day you make it a habitual thing.  Even more importantly you set yourself up for reaching that larger goal or win whatever it may be. It doesn't have to be sport or competition-related it can be anything from being more financially secure, buying the house or car that you want, etc.  Now the only thing to do is ask yourself what your goals and aspirations are and lay out the steps it'll take to get there and you can start winning today!


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